ORVEX born in 2004 with the growing need for efficient corporate sector and construction management. As a group young, dynamic and multidisciplinary offers to his clients the services they require to carry out their project with the highest performance in terms of time, price and quality.

Orvex has four areas of work, offering to his clients a service according to his needs, covering the totality construction process. Providing specific equipment, which provide a highly flexible structure and prepared to tackle the various problems of the construction world.

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What the client need? How can we satisfy his needs?

Under these two assumptions we target our products to clients, for whom the project or construction are intermediate steps alien to his activity, requiring secure a profitable investment and low risk, leaving the construction process in the hands of trusted professionals.

ORVEX services are oriented according to our lines of business, therefore the following customer profiles:

  • Property developers.
  • Hospitals.
  • Hotel companies.
  • Industries.
  • Construction in general.
  • Public administrations.
  • Owner's properties or owner's buildings.
Satisfazing the needs of our clients, designing, managing and building projects growing and sustainable profitability. As well as providing quality products and services that respect the environment, based and proprietary protocols developed in our group.
Be a human and group leader and reference services. Continuously growing, with a multinational presence, distinguished for providing excellent service quality to its clients. With our own technical staff highly qualified in each area and involved with the Know-how of the group, to see their personal development as the development of their society, acting with a commitment to global citizenship.